I want to include a lot of info in 1 SMS

The message body text limit is not enough to contain my message.

Please create a web page full of contents that you would like to inform your recipients. In your SMS message, please include only a simple greeting and the url of that web-page to notify your recipients what you exactly want them to know. Please use url-shortening functions such as URL shorten to minimize your message.

Xoxzo's VOICE API can call the recipients' number to notify your message and information by playing a pre-recorded voice file, or give a customized messages using Text-to-Speach.

Also, Xoxzo's Dial-in-numbers API would be more convenient to display your subscribed numbers to get the recipients to call you, to retrieve their information such as phone numbers. The call can play recorded messages as well as transfer to the other phone numbers of your own.

Our blog has service notifications, the way we work, as well as the useful tutorials to utilize our service Xoxzo andEZSMS wise and well.