What is DialSMS?

DialSMS is for Japanese based service and the response to any incoming calls are made in Japanese Voice only

DialSMS is the on-demand SMS sending service, auto-returning pre-set SMS message on every incoming calls to the subscribed phone number.

Ready in 5 min, subscribe to a phone number and set the message to return

DialSMS can be set all online via the EZSMS account screen in 5 min. What to do are only 2 settings. One is to subscribe a phone number and Two is to set a returning message to send to the caller.

ready in 5 min

Upon receipt of incoming call

Please notify the subscribed phone number to your target people. People will call the number then.

incoming call

DialSMS will answer the call, the response can be confirmed here. (The message is in Japanese only)

Return message will be sent via SMS to the caller

The pre-set message will be sent via SMS to the caller's phone as long as the settings have no problems.

return message

An up-to-date information can automatically reach to the people who wants that information whenever they want by just calling to the number, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The returning message can lead them to the URL that has detailed information for an upcoming event, to the URL of service registration screen, etc.

The subscription number and message contents can be modified at any time on the web. Log-download will get you the caller's number list in an instant.

Please refer to the TOS for DialSMS before you use.