What is K-premium service?

Upon sending SMS using K-premium service, the Sender's number registered in advance is displayed on the recipients' phone as you set to the Japanese au (KDDI) mobile phone numbers. This will lead to improvement of user-experience.

The SenderID can be preregistered as you select. Depending on the model of the mobile phone used by the recipient, it is possible for the recipient to make a call to that number with a single click, so it can be set as a customer support telephone number, a corporate number, or the like.

Who can use K-premium Service? - An User has already registered at EZSMS - A corporation user - From the point of preventing spam-SMS, customers who meet certain criteria

Please note that we may disclose your registered information and senderIDs, to KDDI corporation.

Please contact support desk support@ezsms.biz for k-premium service registration.