What selection of payment methods do we have?

The default setting for Xoxzo Account is prepay

The new accounts are set as prepay accounts at default.
Some test "Credits" are given to the account, so users can try our APIs with the test credits before paying for the additional "Credits" online with the credit cards 24 hours a day.

The prepay "Credits" have a 90 days expiry date. Please estimate your usage to purchase the "Credits" so you can use them within the 90 days. Validity.

You may be concerned about not having enough balance in your account while setting up our API in your system. We have a Top Up Reminder function so you can set an alert email to go out when your balance reaches a certain limit.

How to become a postpay user

Please contact help@xoxzo.com in case your site or system has more users so you need to use more of our APIs, as we understand that frequent purchases and large amount of prepayment points may cause you inconvenience. We have a postpay contract ready for corporate users.
Your account will be switched to postpay after the verification and the contract are set. In case of postpay users, your account balance can go below zero, and an invoice will be issued at the end of the month, which will have to be paid by the last day of the following month. This payment can only be made through bank deposits.

If your usage is small, it may be easier to pay by credit card as a prepayer, considering that there are bank fees for the postpay bank transfer. Please select the payment method that suits your usage, the table below may help you to find the differences.

Prepay vs Postpay

   Prepay Postpay
SMS Sending Price JPY 10/SMS (to Japan) JPY 10/SMS (to Japan)
Purchase Credit Card Payment ONLINE
Invoice for prepayment can be issued for the purchases more than JPY 100,000
Invoices to pay later
Usage of that month to be paid by the end of the following month (Bank Deposit)
Xoxzo "Credits" - Purchase package of JPY 1,000
- 90 days expiry period
- Top Up reminder
Account balance will be shown in negative numbers