Set a top-up Reminder

It is no use to have insufficient credit amount in your account even the system is built well to send out SMS and/or make calls.

Xoxzo can send you a top-up reminder. By setting a certain amount of credit, an email notification will be sent to alert you the possible insufficient credit balance in your account.

1. Start the setting

start setting

Select Notification Settings from the pull down menu at the top in your account page.

2. Enable the reminder

activate setting

The default setting is that the reminder is disabled. Please click the slide button to enable the reminder setting.

3. Set the amount of credit

balance setting

Type in the credit amount you wish to trigger the reminder.

Ex) If you want to receive an alert to be sent when the account balance comes 1,000 credits, please type 1000. Please put an extra amount for this setting, as the notification email will be sent at 9AM (JST) daily, not the moment of credit balance gets to the limit.

Do not forget to click SAVE button to save this setting.

Confirm your setting

"What was the credit amount I set to receive this reminder?" Do not worry, please click the text Enable Notification to check the set amount.

set amount comfirmation

Please send us any inquiries you may have to

We are pleased to announce that this function is created to a request from our users. There are increasing number of the features we develop to respond to our users, do you have anything in your mind? Please talk to us!!