Getting started

Getting started with Xoxzo

Xoxzo is a building block to help you have telephony capabilities like SMS and voice calls on your own website or in your applications, without having the need for you to have the physical architecture like servers or phone exchange.

Xoxzo is not meant for the general public usage. If you do not know how to write code and build programs, then most probably Xoxzo is not for you. But if you do, then this short guide will help you understand the key concepts and help you get started with Xoxzo.

1. First, create and API User

You will need to have an API User, which can be created from your Profile Page after logging in.

2. Next, user the API User's API SID and Auth Token to access the APIs

Each of your API User will have it's own API Key and API Secret, which you will need to access Xoxzo's API resources.

3. Refer to the API Documentation on how to use the various APIs

Please refer to the Xoxzo API Documentation for details on how you can access the various APIs.