What is link-tracking?

track_link is an optional parameter for SMS API.

  • When this optional parameter is provided, the link tracking function is enabled.
  • The first URL/domain name in the message will be replaced with our private short-url before being sent. Please include at least one ASCII space (0x20) before & after the URL.
  • In the event of that the recipient clicks the link on their device, the date & time of the access to the url will be recorded.
  • By providing a callback URL with the parameter lt_callbackur, the URL will be called by POST method.
  • Please use our Check SMS status API to get this information.

Send an SMS of track_link enabled

Please provide the optional parameter track_link within the request.

    "sender": "Sender",
    "message": "test link tracking https://www.xoxzo.com/en/",
    "recipient": "(recipient phone number)",
    "track_link": "true"

When the request is successfully received, a msgid will be returned.

    "msgid": "VncyEuDbojkzRJ2GlKP3USB7C5F6atp1"

Check the SMS received and click on the url

Please check the recipient device. Click on the link (it should be shortened) in the message.

Call the callback URL provided with lt_callbackur parameter

  • When this link tracking short url is clicked, the URL provided with lt_callbackurl will be called.
  • XOXZO cloud call the URL with http POST method.
  • Callback URL must return http status 200. Until then, we will retry up to a maximum of ten times.
  • The URL will be called only once when the user clicked the short URL for the first time.

Check the status

Via Check SMS status API, you will find:
1. whether the link was clicked or not 2. if being clicked, when was it

    "status": "DELIVERED",
    "sender": "(Sender)",
    "url": "https://api.xoxzo.com/sms/messages/(msgid)/",
    "sent_time": "YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS",
    "cost": (cost),
    "msgid": "(an individual message id)",
    "tags": [],
    "recipient": "(recipient phone number)",
    "link_tracking": {
        "link": "https://www.xoxzo.com/en/",
        "shortlink": "https://(shortened private url)",
        "accessed": true,
        "accessed_on": "YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS"

Please note that the private shortened links will be expired after 90 days

Please refer Documentationfor further details.