Does "Plus-Message" app receives SMS messages?

What is Plus Message App?

+Message is a messaging app jointly developed by the Japanese Mobile Phone Carriers (Docomo, au, and Softbank) that allows you to text-chat using just your phone number. The ability to send and receive photos, videos, stamps, etc. is a major feature that SMS (Short Message Service) does not have.

App Details can be found in the Carrier websites (in Japanese):  NTT Docomo / au (KDDI) / Softbank

Version 3.14.3 will be released for Android smartphones in the spring of 2024.

Strengthening measures against spam messages
Messages from registered contacts and those from other contacts are sorted into separate tabs by default. tub-separate Enhanced prevention of accidental tapping of URL links url-tap
    Change the display when read from "✓✓" to "read ✓✓"    More options for backup destinations for message data

(Source: KDDI Corporation)

*Updates will be sequentially implemented by each company/for each device from late March onwards.

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