What is Receive SMS Messages API?

What is Receive SMS Messages API?

Receive SMS Messages API will enable you to search a mobile phone number(SIN = SMS-IN-Number) available to subscribe and you can receive SMS messages on internet without the device to receive SMS such as Mobile phones, Smart Phones or etc., once you subscribed one via our API.

What is the benefit to use Receive SMS Messages API?

There are unlimited things you can do with this API:

  • Create the list of SMS Senders
  • Prepare an auto response to the SMS senders
  • Manage the received SMS on multiple numbers in one place
  • Automatically sort the received SMS according the message content

Please find that Xoxzo has SMS Web APIs and that let you not only to receive but also to send the SMS from the web. It depends on your idea how to mix and match them to create your web systems/applications even securer and more convenient.

How to use Receive SMS Messages API?

Please refer the details of how to use in Documentation.

Here shows the easy steps to start,

  1. Subscribe to a receiving SMS number

  2. Define a Webhook to the subscribed number

Now, you are ready to receive SMS.

Upon the receipt of incoming SMS, the sender, the number you received the message, the message body and the time & date of the receipt are sent to webhook.