Local Caller ID for Dial In Numbers

Dial-In-Numbers API

With Xoxzo’s Dial-In-Numbers API, you can answer an incoming call with your specified .mp3 file or original message specified with our TTS, also transfer the call to the other number as you like by subscribing to a phone number.

More merit with Dial-In-Numbers API

In addition, with any Japanese number you subscribe, you can use that number even more useful, this is what the optional Local Caller ID.

By default, restrictions in Japan does not allow you to use a local number as the caller ID. Our optional local caller ID functionality through our Dial In Numbers allows you to use a local Japan number for your voice calls.

Here is how to:

  1. Find your favorite prefix number to subscribe
  2. Subscribe to the number
    Ref: Dial-In-Numbers API
  3. Enjoy calling with notifying your call receivers who is calling by using the jp optional parameter.
    Ref: Pricing of Voice API